Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Credit Score Increase Times � What Influences Them?

As you probably already know, credit score increase times vary a lot and completely depend on what activity influences them. This article will mention what will influence your credit score increase times and what activities can make these credit score increase times faster. First of all, when you make the regular monthly payments for your debt, utilities, phone service and other bills, this will increase your credit score. However, this is a more gradual way to increase the score and the credit score increase times will depend on the number of bills that you pay and the number of the companies who you pay these bills to that report to credit reporting bureaus.

One thing that will raise your credit score increase times will be the situation when you repay some type of the loan and this gets reported on your credit report. Let�s say, for example, that you just paid off the car loan that you had. This is a very positive activity and your credit score increase times will be much shorter since your credit will rise faster. The larger is the loan that you repay, the shorter the credit score increase times.

Another thing that influences your credit score increase times is how many credit cards you have and how you pay the monthly repayments to these credit cards. If you have several cards and you make regular payments, your credit score increase times will become a little shorter. Remember that the more positive activity you have on your credit report, the shorter your credit score increase times will be. On the contrary, if you will have a negative activity posted to your report, this will significantly lengthen you credit score increase times or can even lower your credit score in many cases.

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