Sunday, January 17, 2010

How To Get Help For Child Custody?

Knowing and understanding the different types of custody is extremely important for women going through a divorce. For womens child custody help, there are numerous inexpensive and free resources available. For example, provides numerous links and articles containing useful advice regarding womens child custody help.

Sole custody is when one parent makes all major decisions regarding the child�s welfare and well-being. In this type of arrangement, the child resides with the custodial parent, while the non-custodial parent has visitation rights. With a joint custody arrangement, the child may live with both parents (but not necessarily) and both parents have a say in major decisions affecting the child. It is generally best to hash out the details of custody in a civil manner, if possible, before divorce proceedings. However, a civil resolution may not be a realistic expectation and a mother may require womens child custody help. A good resource for womens child custody help is the Mothers Child Custody Handbook, which may be downloaded on

Even if you decide to forgo legal counsel, you should be fully aware of all of the resources for womens child custody help available to you. Understanding the litigation process, which factors influence custody decisions and how to present your side of the story objectively are all things that a mother needs to know. If you can resolve custody differences with your spouse, so be it- However, if the situation degenerates into an all out battle, knowing where to turn for womens child custody help can save you time and heartache. can also provide womens child custody help in terms of advice on how to deal with the turmoil in the aftermath of a messy divorce. When all is said and done, it is the responsibility of both parents to provide a nurturing and loving environment for the child. The site provides womens child custody help in terms of how to keep an objective attitude towards your spouse, so as not to bias your children towards one parent or the other.

If the mother is the custodial parent, she may need womens child custody help in arranging a reasonable schedule of visitation in the cases of sole custody. For infants, the general recommendation is two-three hours of visitation with the non custodial parent per day. As the child grows older, the visitation period can be extended in length but decreased in frequency.

Womens child custody help is important for all mothers experiencing the painful trauma of divorce. It is inadvisable for a mother to go through a divorce or separation without some form of womens child custody help.

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