Saturday, September 26, 2009

Can I Fix My Credit?

If you are asking whether it is possible to fix my credit, the answer yes. There are several approaches that I can take if I want to fix my credit. One of these approaches to fix my credit is to build my credit history and increase my credit score. To fix my credit this way I will need to make sure I have only good and positive credit history records appearing on my credit report. To do this it is necessary to make all the payments regularly and on time. This shows your creditors that you can cover and service your debt and you are less risky to loan money too, as compared to other creditors. This way to fix my credit is one of the most important one and should be followed by anyone, no matter is that person has good credit, bad credit or no credit.

Another way to fix my credit is to remove the negative erroneous records from the credit history. This is dome through the official credit bureaus dispute process. For example, if I believe some of the negative records on my credit report are wrong, I will file a dispute and remove these records. By doing this I can fix my credit, since the less negative records the person has on his or her credit history, the better the credit score is.

Another way to fix my credit, especially if there is a problem with the collection agencies, is to settle part or all of the debt. The ability to use this option to fix my credit depends on the amount of money that I can have to settle the debt. The good news is the fact that any persons can save a percentage of the total amount of the debt.

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