Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Altura Credit Union

The altura credit union is an excellent financial institution that offers a lot of benefits to its members. Various products and services are offered by the altura credit union: checking and savings accounts, loans, investments, insurance services, and many others. Especially interesting is the myMoney checking account offered by the altura credit union - an account established for teenagers (ages 12 to 17) so they can learn the basics of financial management. The altura credit union does not charge large fees to its clients. Many services are free (like free checking accounts) and many are low fee services. As far as loans, it is necessary to point out that education loans are available through the altura credit union.

The altura credit union does not only offer various products and services, it also tries to educate its members. The financial education provides such information as identity theft information, financial workshops, visas newsletter and much more. The altura credit union financial consultants are there to help clients to manage their finances. The altura credit union is also active in the community. For example, student members can apply for one of the altura credit union scholarships.

The altura credit union is not only directed towards individual members but also towards business owners. Business owners will benefit from joining the altura credit union because if various business services offered to them. The customer services associates of the altura credit union are very friendly and professional. They are eager to help union members to accomplish all their financial activities in a most convenient and quickest way. The altura credit union members can reach these associates by visiting the local branch, calling the union or sending an email through the union’s website. The resolution and response times are always low to ensure members’ satisfaction.

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