Thursday, June 25, 2009

The AEDC Credit Union

The AEDC credit union credit union offers banking, financial and investment services for people who live or work in the nearby areas. There are many products and services offered by the AEDC credit union to its customers. The list of these products and services includes, but is not limited to checking and savings accounts, credit cards, loans, investment products and many others. The specific AEDC credit union products are described below.

The list of membership account services offered by the AEDC credit union includes share savings accounts, share draft checking accounts and Christmas club accounts. The AEDC credit union checking accounts include direct deposit and payroll deduction, overdraft protection and freedom card. The AEDC credit union investment products include the certificate accounts and IRA services. Various types of loans are also offered by the AEDC credit union. These loan types include consumer loans (auto, recreational, credit cards, personal property, new and used farm equipment, signature lines of credit), mortgage loans, construction loans and home equity loans. As far as credit cards, the AEDC credit union members can apply for the classic visa, visa gold, student visa and verified by visa.

The AEDC credit union offers its members access to various insurance coverage like life savings insurance and loan protection. The AEDC credit union conveniences include: ATM cards, e-branch system, e-branch security, e-pay system, loan line, star system, and indirect lending program. Especially beneficial is the e-branch system that allows the AEDC credit union members to access their accounts online and perform many functions online. The AEDC credit union members can do everything they need to from the convenience of their home computer and with proper security level. The e-pay system is also very beneficial. It provides the AEDC credit union members the ability to pay all their bills online.

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