Monday, June 22, 2009

The Achieva Credit Union

The list of the achieva credit union products and services includes loans, checking and savings accounts, credit cards and other financial services. The achieva credit union visa cards offer low fixed rates and no annual fee. The fact that there is no annual fee is especially attractive as many other financial institutions are charging a fee of up to $50. The achieva credit union prides itself with the fact that it helps its members to save money and valuable time by using the achieva credit unions’ services. Every employee’s main goal is to serve the uniom members in the best possible way.

The achieva credit union is proud that it services members of various ages and occupations. For example, the achieva credit union is offering many benefits specifically targeted to college students. The achieva credit union members who would like to pursue a college education can apply for a student loan. Other members groups have their own benefit packages designed specifically for them. Some benefits can be enjoyed by all members of the union. For example, the achieva credit union customers can access their accounts by phone or online.

The achieva credit union has a special department that works with members one on one to help them solve their financial problems and manage their finances in a professional way. This members’ financial services department also allows the achieva credit union members to do their financial planning by working with an investment consultant. The consultants and associates who are working for the achieva credit union are professionals in their field with multiple years of experience and expertise. Before hiring a new employee, the achieva credit union human resources department does everything that needs to be done to make sure that this is the most professional and experienced employee.

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