Friday, June 19, 2009

The AAA Credit Union

In order to become a member of the AAA credit union, you will need to be an employee of one of the 350 member companies in the South Bend and Mishawaka area or the family member of that employee. The AAA credit union is also available for use and membership only by the people who live and work in St. Joseph County, IN. The AAA credit union is a member owned non-for-profit organization administered by a member elected board of directors. Besides the standard checking and savings accounts, the AAA credit union offers various insurance products, investments and loans.

The AAA credit union was created with the idea of bringing the best service and most benefits to its members. Every employee of the AAA credit union is well trained and educated and is happy to assist union members in any financial activities or transactions. The AAA credit union prides itself with the fact that its members are always satisfied with the services and express this satisfaction in various forms. The AAA credit union also realizes that the way local residents view the union is influenced by the contribution the union brings to the community. That is the reason why the AAA credit union is so active in various local events and active in the community overall.

The AAA credit union also tries to offer its members the ability to borrow money at low cost. The AAA credit union offers many low-interest loans to its members. These loans have a fixed rate and any member can find out how much interest he or she will be paying by using the AAA credit union loan calculator. The AAA credit union customers can also search the union’s education center using a key word or phrase to find educational information.

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